2016 Charles Fox Coeur de Cuvee
Clear, bright, gold tinged – hint of a copper hue.
Clean, fresh. With good intensity. Alluring warm biscuit, brioche aromas. Hints of honey suckle flower overlaying the complexed sourdough and digestive biscuit tones. Ripe white fruits peeping through after exposure,
On the palate a dry vibrant lively mousse. A majestic balance between fruit and acidity, whole heartedly alive. White succulent fruit follows through with a burst of juicy zesty and refreshing mid palate delight. The acidity is beautifully integrated which serves as an accentuater of the finesse, delivering a seamless experience. A substantial grip on the mid palate and an impressive length at the end.
Bottle aging is contributing sophistication and an interesting creaminess. An indication of a long healthy fermentation is lending a pleasant note of glycine on the upper palate.

Varietals: PM 50%/CH 50% - Service 9°c
Analysis: RS 7.6g/l | TA 10.9g/l | PH2.98 | Fso2 3mg/l | Tso2 40mg/l